Do’s and Don’ts of makeup by Beauty People

Makeup is not just about looking good and pretty anymore, it has become a way to express yourself and make a statement without actually uttering a word. But as we all know fashion trends can come and go quite frequently and as a beginner, keeping up with the latest and greatest makeup trends can be intimidating at times. Since we know that all skin types are not created equal, therefore, a look that is trending on social media might not look as good as it does on a certain skin tone.

But don’t you worry about all that! Your pals at beauty people are here to guide you through the basic Dos and don’ts of makeup. Using these fundamentals you will have good base-level information on what works and what can be a big No-no! 

The Big No-No for makeup!

1. Don’t buy a lot of products.

When we are entering the world of beauty and fashion it might seem like all the beauty influencers have a vast assortment of products and you are here with just a kajal and mascara and the trusty good ol’ lipstick that you wear for almost every occasion. So buying everything at once seems like the next logical step right? No, the thing is that just cause your favorite influencer is using a particular set of products or brands, doesn’t mean that those products are going to look good on you. Instead of buying all the makeup at once, you should buy different variants of a product as see what works best for you. For example, if you thinking of trying out eyeshadows then we recommend experimenting with different ones and seeing which one looks the best on you. Once you have identified a palette that has all the tones which compliment your skin from that point you can easily explore similar palettes in different range and finish.

2. Don’t Apply makeup on a dirty face.

Human skin is constantly regenerating to keep us looking young and fresh as we get older the regeneration process gets slower and slower over the span of life we shed a lot of dead skin cells so washing your face regularly and periodically is the elementary step for skin care. Besides, unlike Beauty People, most of the other makeup brands have chemicals that can damage your skin. This is why we recommend washing and moisturizing your face before applying any makeup followed by a foundation that helps give your skin an even tone and blends all the problem spots and blemishes.

3. Be a pro with your brows

Eyebrows are an important feature of your face but are often overlooked. When done well, your brows will perfectly frame your face. Make some time in your beauty regime to fill in your brows. You can use matte eyeshadows to fill in the sparse areas of your brow but make sure you don’t go too dark as it might make you look like a cartoon villain with comically big brows. Always go for a subtle color that’s the same shade as your brows or a shade lighter. Don’t make them too thick just enough to give them a defined look.

4. Sleeping in your makeup

Us divas love to work hard and party harder and after a long day of hustle when we are done slaying the day we tend to kick our feet up and unwind but doing that with makeup on is a sin. No matter how on fleek your makeup is at the end of the day it is necessary that your wash it off and cleanse your face because sleeping with your makeup tends to clog your pores and might also make them bigger which in turn dry out your skin and can cause a lot of skin problems this is why carrying a wet wipe is a must along with a night cream and/or a moisturizer so that our skin has rejuvenated while we take a long-awaited beauty sleep.

5. Do not pump your mascara

A common trick in the book or a natural reflex at this point for most of us is pumping the mascara wand to get more mascara out of the container. But it is a myth, by pumping your mascara you are not only oxidizing the mascara causing it to dry out much before then it should but you are also introducing the wand to more bacteria into the container which can lead to clumpy and uneven application. Instead of pumping the wand, you should simply swirl the wand gently in the container first, and always remember to replace your mascara after every three months.

Do’s of makeup

  1. Create a signature look

Applying your makeup should be quick and easy, especially when you’re a beginner.

To boost your confidence, begin by creating a signature look that you can wear everywhere simply follow these tips.

Focus on your face, eye, lips, and cheeks. (specifically in that order)

To face your need to find a shade of foundation that matches the color of your chest and if you are someone who is planning to spend a lot of time in the sun then a foundation with CC Cream is a must.

Then for your eyes simply pair eyeliner with mascara for well-defined eyes to finish the look by filling in the brows and making them even and well-defined.

Moving towards your lips, always choose a lipstick that flatters your skin tone. For a signature look, you can go for a shade of bold red lipstick which is timeless and elegant.

And then finally, finish the look by adding some blush to your cheeks, adding some color to your face since the foundation has a tendency to make your entire face look monotone. Hence, adding some color with a blush and highlighter can bring your whole look to life.

  1. Apply to Make up in natural light.

We highly recommend applying makeup under natural light whenever possible. In fact, when you are buying makeup from a store it is recommended to see how the shade looks under sunlight since most makeup stores are polluted with fluorescent light which can make colors seem darker or lighter depending upon the shade. Or if possible try to take a look at the shade under a magnification mirror which can help you see flaws that you may not see under a shadow-casting bathroom/showroom light.

  1. Always buy Cruelty-free, Non-Toxic Cosmetics.

As we all know most cosmetics products have several chemicals which they tend to test on animals to see if they have a negative reaction to skin this practice is called animal testing and most international brands are a huge contributor to this practice. So before making a purchase always look closely at the label of the product and see what kind of chemicals are used in manufacturing and whether or not those chemicals were organic.

  1. Always Blend your Eye shadow

If you choose t wear dual tone or multiple eyeshadows then make sure you blend them nicely, Having a tell-tell line where one color stops can look weird. Instead, use a brush to gently blend the colors together to get a smooth transition between the two shades. 

  1. Always Use a Primer

A primer is a base, used under your makeup which gives your skin a smoother surface for your makeup and also helps moisturize the skin underneath which ultimately helps make your makeup last longer. 

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