Insane eye makeup trends that are going viral!!

Hey there, Divas! I guess It would be safe to say that minimalism has prevailed over the last year. And while dewy, natural skin will maintain its popularity, based on what we’re seeing on the red carpet and what the 2022 Pinterest Trend Report predicts, a maximalist approach to eye makeup will be ushered in with the new year. If you’re hoping to stay on top of the ever-changing beauty trends, keep on reading because we’re going to spill the T, about the best eye makeup looks that will totally slay in 2022. 

Graphic Eyes

Graphic eyeliner continues to remain popular this year as well, but graphic eyeshadow is also joining the party to add more pizazz. While several talented makeup artists are creating this intricate design with eyeshadow, still it’s nothing to be intimidated by. You can still give it a shot even if you’re not a pro. A simple shape can make a bold and stunning statement. Just be sure to shape your outliner with a gel-based eyeliner like the beauty people gel eyeliner, and then simply fill it in with a matte eyeshadow.

Metallic Eyeshadow

The Matte eyeshadow has always been “Eyeconic” (Pun Intended), but recently it has become a viral sensation. This trend is completely customizable – you can create a detailed look like a halo eye, or opt for a minimalistic yet bold metallic color on your lids. Here is your ticket to hop on the metallic train by rocking one of the beauty people metallic glitter eyeliner. It’s super pigmented, incredibly shiny, and long-lasting.

Neon Hues 

So, here it is. The neon eye makeup trend provides a pop of vivid color that instantly brighten our day – and complexion. You can enhance it more by combining the two trends in one by creating a graphic eyeshadow with a neon hue, and top it off with a volumizing mascara like the Beauty People Ultimate Volume Mascara

Smokey Bottom Eyeliner

If you follow our Instagram page (which you definitely should if you’re not doing it already) or consume any beauty content on IG reels, then you’re no stranger to the reverse cat-eye. Smokey, winged eyeliner along the bottom lash line has been the sensational look to recreate. You can get the look by smudging a sketch eyeliner  along your bottom lashes and smoke it out with a matte black eyeshadow like the Beauty People Sweet Midnight Shadow Palette

Minimalist Winged Eyeliner

NGL, We’re grateful for this minimalist winged eyeliner trend, If you’re still unable to successfully master the full cat-eye. This one is way easier to pull off—just pick up your favorite handy-dandy beauty people metallic glitter eyeliner in your fav color (I’m personally obsessed with the gold eyeliner on Camila Cabello) and draw a small triangle on the external corners of your eyes.

Hope you find this blog insightful, we would love to see which look you’re going to recreate from the list above. When you do recreate any of these looks, don’t forget to tag your pals here @beautypeoplecosmeticsindia and get a chance to get featured on our story!

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