Why Primer is a must-have in your makeup regime?

We all have heard about primers from at least one of our beauty divas. These mystery-filled tubes of liquid beauty promise flawless makeup and skin that looks like an Instagram filter in real life, but did you ever wonder, what exactly is a primer, and do you really need it?

These makeup “trends” may have caused lots of confusion ever since they entered the world of beauty. But let us tell you. They have been here for over a decade ago. We are here to put an end to the madness and give you all the insider info you need to choose the right natural primer with no mystery ingredients for your skin — and teach you how to apply it like a pro.

But first, What is a makeup primer?

Well, let’s just say that primers are the photoshop of the makeup world. They’re used underneath foundation, eyeshadow, mascara, and tinted moisturizer to create a smooth effect that enhances your makeup coverage and helps your makeup last longer. It also helps target annoying skin concerns like oily or dry skin. Some of the products are silicone-based primers, which can irritate your skin due to the harsh ingredients. This is why we suggest you, opt for a natural primer that includes ingredients that compliments your skin and is toxin-free.

This is where Beauty People Makeup Primer shines to fame as it doesn’t only blur out large pores, smoothen unwanted texture, and correct discoloration.

But also improves fine lines and hyperpigmentation from sun exposure. Sounds pretty magical, Doesn’t it?

Still not sure if you need one? It doesn’t matter if you have the most blessed genetics that gives your satin-soft skin. Even If you’ve got a little extra shine in your t-zone, or your makeup always looks a bit messy by the end of the day, Beauty People Makeup Primer could be just the thing you are missing in your makeup regime.

How To Apply Beauty People Makeup Primer?

First, wash your face then apply moisturizer and sunscreen (Sunscreen is a must if you are heading out, which of course you are, LOL! Else, why waste a glam look indoors?), and once they’re absorbed, begin applying the primer.

Rub it gently onto your skin in circular motions

Then wait a couple of minutes for it to sink in before you put on makeup

And Voila! You are ready to slay the day or night whichever look you are aiming to slay!

But Here’s a pro tip! It’s best to apply cream primers with your fingers instead of a brush. The warmth of your fingers helps melt it into your skin, which makes for easier application and better absorption.

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