Saving the Environment with conscious efforts

Join Hands with us and save the earth!

During these days work from home is the new normal. While we all remain indoors to prevent covid from spreading and saving everyone from this global catastrophe. We might be overlooking an existing catastrophe. Need I say? “Global Warming” Therefore, we are inviting you to an initiative started by Beauty People.

We are encouraging people to turn off all the lights and appliances for 1 hour. The idea behind it: 60 minutes of darkness – so that others will get enlightened.

A concept that currently hits the nail on the head: limiting oneself for others is our daily task at the moment. We all live on one planet and national borders really only exist in our heads. Therefore, we are all collectively responsible for our planet. The “Earth People” campaign is not about “just” saving energy, but about setting a peaceful example for more environmental and climate protection.

We encourage you to use this hour to think of ways to consider ways of reducing your carbon footprint and making a significant impact on our planet. Every small step counts from recycling plastic waste to using brand products that are vegan and cruelty free you can make this earth a better place by making conscious changes.

Here is a list of our vegan cruelty-free products for your discovery

  1. Nail Paints

Don’t we love to splash some beautiful colors on our nails and give them an edgy look? You sure do. But do you know that most of these nail colors have some chemicals that are really bad for your nails as well as the environment? But you do not have to worry anymore. Beauty People brings you an entire range of beautiful colors for your nails which are safe and Oh My God! Look at those fabulous shades.

  • Mascara

Volumes lashes are the ultimate goal for any girl to complete the look. Now that you are putting a product so near to the eyes, don’t you wanna know what is in this product? Check out the Beauty People Intense Black Volume Mascara. It is everything you want and made with utmost love and care.

  • Eye Shadow Palettes

Now that we are working on our eyes, don’t we wanna talk about eye shadow as well? I mean is it even a look without those beautiful colors on the eyes? These colors are not only beautiful and holistic but also very safe and cruelty-free.

  • CC Cream Foundation

If you are a busy girl or a working woman, you surely don’t get a lot of time to put proper makeup layer by layer and you seek a quick fix by using a CC cream. It is an all-in-one approach but Beauty People CC cream is not just giving you full coverage but is also induced with SPF 30+ to protect you from the sun and also hydrates your skin.

All of us love to splurge on the whole range of all the makeup products but if we make a conscious decision to choose a brand that not only gives you quality products but also cares about the environment then only, we can together create a wholesome world for our generations to come.

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