Let’s bust those beauty myths!

Yes, your skin deserves a lot of care and love. Not too much, but just the right amount of care. Let’s first understand what makes a good skin care routine and gradually bust some myths that exist until today.

We are sure you have heard of the famous adage, “you are what you eat.” Skin care is pretty much that. By that we mean, it is important to eat intentionally, get your food choices on point and eat a balanced diet. This does not mean you make a hole in your pocket while trying to buy fancy ingredients to cook your food. It means a lot more than that, but with a little less expense. All you need is nutritious and home cooked, clean food.

Yes, you read that right!

Collagen, omega 3, and vitamin C found in various food that is often found in your own kitchen along with the right face wash and hydrating moisturizer will help solve all your problems, whether it is skin or hair. Well, there are a lot of options for you to choose from. From chicken, fish, eggs, leafy greens, to nuts and berries, there is so much goodness in everything fresh and found in your kitchen, even garlic and turmeric for that matter could be great for beauty treatments at home. Even coffee and curd and honey! Oh, there is just so much! We just fail to recognize these things that are available around us, in our kitchens that we can eat and achieve that dream skin and hair health.

A new advertisement with someone showing a pimple disappear over night and shows extremely clear, glass skin, and we all want to buy that without reading anything about it. Let’s discover some myths that the society has built for us and that we follow without too much investigation.

Myth #1: You are beautiful if you are fair skinned.

Truth: You don’t need the shade of your skin tone to determine your beauty. Beauty is beyond that and is reflected through you character and perspectives about life.

Myth #2: Your pimples can disappear overnight if you use that facewash.

Truth: Pimples are sometimes hormonal and sometimes caused by the excessive oil produced by the skin. They require continuous care and treatment for it to completely disappear and leave no scars. The right food and enough water intake to the rescue!

Myth #3: Pop the pimple or it will leave a bigger scar when it breaks by itself.

Truth: NO, NO, NO, do not fall for that and pop your pimple. It can leave permanent scars on your face, a lot more inflammation around those pimples and increasing time to heal the actual pimple and its new friends.

Myth #4: Oiled hair kept overnight, can help hair growth.

Truth: Oiling hair can certainly help in blood circulation. But keeping it too long can work the other way round for hair and scalp health by clogging pores and damaging hair.

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