We know the joy that each of you feel when lipsticks are on sale and more when we find the right, exact shade that we were looking for. Oh yes, we all go bonkers when that happens. Well, you don’t have to worry about budget with Beauty People. Just head to our website and buy all you want at an affordable price! We advocate cruelty-free and vegan products.

Here is a little piece of writing to help you understand how exactly to apply your lipstick. We have all had that funny moment of our lipstick being on our teeth, out of our lip line, and sometimes unevenly applied. Let us now learn how to apply lipstick successfully and elegantly!

Below are simple steps to enlighten you on lipstick application.

  1. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

You don’t want your lip to look like an old, cracked canvas with lines and uneven patches. What you must practice even if you are not applying lipstick is to exfoliate and hydrate. Wash the dirt off your lips while washing your face, hydrate with the right lip balm that has vitamin E and let it set for a while. It smoothens your lips and you will certainly see the difference! You will have smoother and even toned lips. A natural lip balm would be some pure ghee or coconut oil.

  1. Foundation around your lip

We often miss colour correcting around our lips. Missing this can make your lips look odd. As you apply your primer and foundation on your face evenly, spread them around your lips and cover the edges as you do that. It will put the whole look together.

  1. Line those lips with the liner

Most of us skip the liner. You may, but it would only give your make-up a tidier look. Once you line them, you will notice how it complements your entire make-up. Be sure to pick the right colour of the lipliner. It should not be two different colours. That could look out of place. Line them neatly and slowly, running the liner through the shape of your lip.

  1. And now the lipstick

Let’s be honest, how many of you really dive into lipstick application and be done with it before doing the aforementioned? Some of us have, but that is okay, there is always room for learning. Now is the perfect time to apply your favorite shade of lipstick. It will be smoother than you think, and you will love that shade on your lip even more now. You start from the inside of your lip and move it outward. Apply one layer and if need be, add another. Be sure to move your lipstick in the same direction.

Following these steps could seem too long to start with, but you will thank yourself fore being diligent about it. Now that you know, we would love it if you could spread the word and enlighten the rest of our girl tribe!

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