Shades of Lip Colors for Winter.

You may have got your eye make-up on point, your face well done, and your hair set just right, but the right lipstick just sets the right tone to the event. Just your lipstick will define the look and accentuate your outfit beyond your imagination. Be it a wedding, a dinner date with your loved one, a family dinner, an office party, we want to have our outfit put together and for that, you need to know what shades suit best for each season. For spring, fall, winter, and summer, the shades that set the mood and vibe are entirely different. Not that you cannot inter change them with the others, that would be bizarre! But just knowing what to use, the right ones, will just bring it all together.

Before we dive into what shades are meant to be for winter, we need to understand know something very important. There is warm, cool, or natural. Worry not, we will however help you get a good understanding of what colours will just be right for winter. Please be mindful of moisturizing your lips every day. You must protect it and take care of it as much as you do to the rest of your face.

The reds, of course:

The reds will never run out of fashion. Its nice for a slow Christmas dinner, a loud party, a wedding, a dinner with your loved one and so much more. It suits most clothes you wear and will never be too much with the right outfit. Have you got yours yet?

The plums:

It could be that you think twice before you pick that plum lipstick that you desire. You should not really worry about it. Plums are classy and fills-up your lip so beautifully well. It’s a very warm colour and great for winter.

Coffees and Caramel:

There is so much coffee, hot chocolate, and everything winter to keep us warm. The caramels and the shades of coffee fit like a hand in a glove during winters. With the loud colours that we accessorize our wardrobe, this one just mellows it down, if you want to keep it light and warm.

Pink can never go wrong:

With our white winter outfits, shades of pink just look so pristine. Make sure you don’t go loud on your eyes, pinks are better with simple, yet well done eyes. Some nice pink blush powder can give you a neat and finished look!

Glossy or two-toned:

Sometimes you may think gloss is too much, but that is not true. Glossy look is nice if you don’t over-do it. You obviously don’t want to look like a crystal bowl walking around. To avoid that, a subtle coloured lip-balm with gloss on your lips will do the magic with your pull over or cardigan if you don’t want too much colour on your face!

This is it folks, rush to and shop for your winter lipstick kit now!

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