It’s the season of festivities and time to celebrate unapologetically, dress to the occasion, and just live it up with food and your people. As much as we do our research on what kind of skin ours is, it’s as important to identify the right products from the market, so it is not damaging for your skin. Worry not, we’ve got you an array of skin-friendly products to choose from.

Beauty People Volume Lashes Mascara

Your eyes speak a million words. The Beauty People Mascara defines your lashes, makes it voluminous, soft, and wavy with their high-quality bristle brush, leaving them feather smooth.

Beauty People Quick-Dry Paster Collection Nail Paint

After putting our whole look together and we are in a hurry, we realize we have forgotten to paint our nails. There is no need to worry anymore with our chip-resistant, quick dry nail paint collection. The 3-in-1 formula with a built-in base leaves your nails shiny and neat with a single streak of nail paint. Now, isn’t that a dream for us, women? Go get them now!

Mad About Colors-Pout Rich Creamy Matte Lipstick

We’ve got the perfect range of matte lipsticks infused with argan oil for all skin types. The Mad About Colors range will keep your lips hydrated, nourished, and give you the perfect pout, while saving you some money as one application is perfect to keep you going for the whole event.

Beauty People Professional Makeup Matte Lipstick

We like our lipsticks chap-free, moist, long-lasting, and smooth. The Professional Makeup Matte Lipsticks with a range of 24 shades are pigment rich, surprisingly smooth, and glide effortlessly whilst application. Get them soon!

Beauty People Matte Luscious Liquid Lip Color

The Beauty People Matte Luscious Liquid Lip color range is meant for those long days or events that involve a lot of food and drinks. With 23 shades available, it is a one-coat-wonder that leaves your lips luscious and let’s you enjoy your meal without worrying about your lip shade going off.

Eyeshadow Palette: Available in four variants and in 16 colors each, these are easy to apply, soft, has high pigmentation, affordable, and is long lasting.

Beauty People Sundowner Stunner Shadow Palette

This palette of shimmers and nudes, is great for your sundowner parties on your terrace or a beach.

Beauty People Sweet Midnight Shadow Palette

These delightful and enchanting forest hues are good for personal family outings. There are both elegant and glittery shimmers for you to choose from.

Beauty People Delight Dreamers Shadow Palette

Own this so you can choose to dress your eye for a formal event at work or to a fun evening with your friends.

Beauty People Artist Shadow Palette

This is a dream for a performing artist on stage, be it a dancer, singer, or model. The colors are loud and will define your eye perfectly if you need to be spotted in a crowd!

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