When you begin to believe that you are going to seal the deal soon, there is anxiety, fear, curiosity that seeps into your mind like a broken dam, and sometimes it is reflected in your face. Your eyes speak a thousand words and emotions but trust us when we say this. It is all going to be just fine, and you will look phenomenally stunning on your big day!

We seldom think of how we want to set our eyes on our wedding day or week rather. You don’t need to know make-up in and out for you to decide what will suit you best. All you need to know is the kind of look you desire and the colours you want on your eyes. We, at Beauty People, want to help you understand how you could work on your eyes for your special day. For starters, there is dewy and shimmery and the timeless pinks and purples with which you can adorn yourself. Don’t break your head over these. Let’s break it down for you instead. These are just two of the lot to help you get started with bridal eye make-up, we promise to bring you more.

Of course, first you need to prep your skin for the day, click here to understand how to do it the right way.

Dewy and shimmery:

Dewy is synonymous to hydrated, therefore it is important to exfoliate your skin thoroughly and remove all the dead skins before you begin playing with any other make-up product. Add definition to your eye with a shade that is one shade darker than your skin with the right brush. Now that you have your base set, use the smudge-free shiny lip gloss or the shimmer eye palette to fill the top of your eyelid, ensure your application is not excessive. Now take a make-up sponge and remove the excessive gloss. Finally, add your mascara and the false lashes. For the undereye, use a small bit of your glossy highlighter, like your eyelid, to complete the final look.

The timeless and elegant pinks and the purples

Pinks and purples are comforting and soft colours that you can never go wrong with even if you are just starting off with make-up. To get this right, like what we mentioned above, prep your skin, and only then start the process. From the eyeshadow palette, pick two shades of pinks/purples that you want to use. First, apply the darker shade of the colour family you pick and fill the entire eyelid. Next, pick a shade darker than your skin colour, and fill-up the corner of your eyelid (the side away from the nose) now, use the lighter pink/purple and fill-up the rest of eye, leaving a thick layer of the base colour still visible. Once this is done, line your eye on top and at the bottom, finally curl your lashes and smoothly apply your mascara.

This is great to begin with, practice it enough and you are good to go!

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