Of course, make-up creates magic, but there is a lot more to it. The famous adage “happy brides make the prettiest ones,” is true to every bit. So, destress, calm down, and enjoy your day: it’s your big day and don’t let anything steal your thunder. In this article, we aim to help you understand bridal make-up to help you save some money for functions preceding the wedding and to simply train you to make you self-sufficient. As much as make-up can bring all the glamour, prepping your skin, body, and hair through clean food can give you unexpected results.

Eat right. Get your hands on all those leafy greens, avocados, walnuts, fish, berries, turmeric and so much more! Some oils like the avocado oil are rich in vitamin E and chia seeds has a good amount of Omega 3. While vitamin E keeps your skin moist, omega 3 keeps inflammation at bay. Hydrate enough through the day and follow a daily skin care routine no matter what: cleanse, tone, moisturize, and sunscreen your face and neck evenly. Know your skin type so you pick the right products.

Now let’s get to the glamorous part: The make-up!

We at Beauty People, a cruelty-free, vegan make-up brand have put together a bridal combo at a fantastic price.

After the skin care routine. Prep your face with the primer and foundation. The primer holds your make-up together and gives you the perfect finish. Blend the foundation with a good make-up blender and then conceal your pores and finally add the blush powder.

Before you deck your eyes up, choose the right shade of eyeshadow. It must match your outfit. The eye lids with some shimmers are classy, elegant, and regal. Wing your eye upward with the liner, and then draw the lower part with kohl kajal. Curl your lashes and gently apply the mascara. You would not need those fake lashes; this would do the job. Ensure you don’t use colored lenses; it could ruin your perfect look. You are beautiful and so are the color of your eyes.

Your lips will complete the look, apply a good lip balm, and then work on them with the lip liner. Fill up your lip from the inside, smoothly covering the sides of your lips. You could use a brush if you want to be more careful with color application. Again, match your lip colour to the outfit you’re wearing. At least a night before the big day, do the manicure and pedicure and make your nails and toes bridal ready. The red nail paint is always stunning on a bride.

Through this all, ensure you drink enough water and stay hydrated through the day. Eat before you get ready because no amount of make-up can cover your tiredness or stress if you have not eaten. You are surely going to look a million bucks, enjoy, sit back, and let the rest pamper you!

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