Let’s nail that perfect winter look: A guide to your winter vanity box.

Its winter, its cold, moist, and gloomy. Its nice, but its chilly and blue. You know there are going to be some important events to look forward to: those year-end office dinners or the extravagant family dinners. Be it a salwar kameez or a little black dress, all you want is to have your best shot in the group photos. Have the best clothes, but you don’t know how to pair it with the right make-up?

Let’s break it down first, there’s the cheeks, forehead, and chin; the eyes, the lashes, and lips and nails that we need to set right. We at Beauty People are laying down a combination for you so you don’t have to fret over what colors to wear in winter.

Always set the tone first, if you want to know how to prep your face for make-up and know the order of make-up application, click here to learn.

The eyes:

You may think it does not matter, but a great eye shadow palette can help you up your make-up game too well. For winter, your go-to eye shadow palette should be the Beauty People Artist Eye Shadow Palate of 16 different colours. Be it the greys, blues, or the pinks, these could make your eyes look frosty and just so winter ready. Remember to fill colour at the edge of the eyes to give it a fuller look. A very thin line of eyeliner and mascara will complete the look. If you are going to wear Indian clothing, you could certainly line your eye below with either black khol kajal or the same colour as your eye shadow.

The cheeks and the neck:

After prepping your face with primer and foundation, its time for that blush powder. Guess what? The eye shadow palette you own from Beauty People can also be doubled-up as a blush powder for your cheeks. Amazing, isn’t it? All you need to do is, invest in a set of make-up brushes and learn to apply them well on your face and neck. The hues of pink will never go outdated. Keep in mind to apply it outward from your cheek towards your ear, while you smile. We’re pretty sure you’re already looking dewy and subtle so far.

Finally, your lips and the nails:

Yes, always this at the end. The lip shade either makes you look worn-out or up-beat and brings your whole look together. Keeping in mind the eye palette you are using this season; your lip colors could range within the reds and pinks. Reds and pinks would coordinate very well with your eye and your face and look perfectly in sync with your whole look. Keep your nails subtle with either pastel shades or just a classic French manicure.

Let your hair down, wear that smile on, march on and conquer the world, sweet girl!

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